I have been wanting to write something about Kent Motor Sports for a long time. Bought a Honda 1000 ATV in 2015 and got the service contract. It is rare these days, but I can honestly say I have been pleased EVERYTIME I go to take my Honda in for service. From the purchase, to this day I cannot tell you how happy I am with Mitch and his team at Kent Motorsports. I am always treated with respect, and although I have a service contract in place, and rarely have had pay for anything, I always feel like I am the most important customer they have. My husband runs the wheels off this Honda (I think we are close to breaking the record for hours used in a year)--it is used almost exclusively for work--and it is a workhorse. It stays dirty/muddy and full of his tools and junk, and continues to perform at the highest level. When there is a problem, I just take it in and it is fixed. I was on the fence about purchasing another 1000 or going down to a 700 for myself. We have so many hours on the Honda now, that we will most likely get another new 1000 for him and I will get the old one for myself and him as he needs. Just happy to let everyone know just how easy it is to do business with Mitch and his team!!! (Employee: Mitchell McKinley)
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